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 Military Threads, LLC was launched in the summer of 2000 as a textile converter specializing in government fabrications.   Most of this experience has been gained directly in the government  arena.  From securing new contracts through producing finished fabrics,  we are intimately acquainted with all the requirements necessary to meet  the stringent specifications of government work.  In addition, we have  helped various government agencies in the preparation of new fabric  specifications or the modification of existing ones.

We have ready access to a  diverse array of textile vendors including yarn suppliers, knitters and  weavers, dye and finishing companies, cut and sew facilities, and screen  printers.  In order to produce the highest quality fabrications, it is  absolutely critical to closely monitor production at each and every  facility.  We are dedicated to a hands-on philosophy at every phase of  the production process through continual visits to our suppliers.  

Flexibility  is a critical success factor to us.  As a converter, we are able to run  production in plants that meet the exacting quality standards and  delivery schedules of our customers.  We have close working  relationships with our vendors to ensure that the expectations of our  customers are met or surpassed.

By  choosing to work with Military Threads, you will find that customer  service and support is a way of life, not merely a phrase to be passed  off.  We pride ourselves on having the most outstanding service in the  industry, and look forward to broadening our base of satisfied  customers.